5 Things You Should Consider When Looking For A Good Law Firm


With so many law firms out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to go with. Every firm has their own strengths and weaknesses, but there are some things you should look out for when deciding where to place your legal business. Find out what they are with this guide to 5 things you should consider when looking for a good law firm. Whether you’re looking to do an uncontested divorce or file bankruptcy, this guide will help you find the right lawyer or law firm to meet your needs.

1) Head over to Google

The best way to find a reputable law firm is by doing your research and vetting them with Google. The first thing you should do is search for their name and make sure there aren’t any negative results appearing on your search engine. If there are, you might want to steer clear of that law firm because it could be a sign of legal trouble ahead.

2) Get a referral from someone you trust

If you know someone who’s been in a similar situation, it’s time to ask for a referral. If they have recently hired a lawyer, call them up and ask for their recommendation. They may be able to recommend someone, or at least tell you what questions to ask (and what red flags to look out for). Since your friend has already done due diligence on a potential lawyer, you can trust their opinion more than any advertisement or online review.

3) Start with your local court system

Once you’ve made up your mind to find a lawyer, go through your local court system. While you won’t necessarily be able to sit down with an attorney and talk about your case, it can help inform what you need in a law firm. The court clerk will have access to each firm’s information such as its history of wins and losses, as well as any formal complaints that might have been filed against them.

4) What do you want out of a law firm?

While it may seem obvious, you should think carefully about what you want out of a law firm. Will they help with everything from payroll to marketing? How many lawyers do you need? Do you have a budget to work with? Is your legal issue big or small? Do you even need a lawyer right now or is there something else that can be done (like drafting an NDA)? The answers to these questions will help determine who’s good and who’s not.

5) So you want to start your own law firm…

Starting a law firm is no easy task. There’s a whole list of things you need to consider and do, from finding clients to managing employees to acquiring office space, so take your time and make sure you don’t rush through anything. Here are five basic tips that will help you get started on your journey.