5 Reasons Your Family Should Hire Probate Attorneys


With the average cost of probate hovering between $10,000 and $20,000, you may be considering looking into hiring an attorney to assist with the process. In fact, with the right lawyer on your side, probate may be easier to navigate than you thought. Consider these five reasons why your family should hire probate attorneys when considering going through probate

1) You need help gathering information about your loved one

The probate court system is complex, and it can take a lot of research to determine whether your loved one needs a will or not, how much property he or she owned, and what his or her wishes are for distribution. With an estate attorney on your side, you’ll have someone who knows exactly what you need to do. You’ll also be able to avoid making common mistakes that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

2) A probate attorney can reduce costs, stress, and time involved in the probate process

Unlike other law firms, probate attorneys can help reduce costs, paperwork, and stress on families. As a trusted advisor who understands what you are going through during a time of bereavement, they’ll help you navigate probate quickly and easily. A probate attorney can remove an estate from court supervision faster than you could do it yourself: Many people assume that in order to proceed with a will or trust there must be litigation. However, many states require little to no court involvement at all.

3) A probate attorney will make sure everything is handled correctly

If your family doesn’t have a will in place, a probate attorney can make sure that all of your wishes are met in accordance with state law. They will file all necessary forms and make sure your estate goes to where it should as quickly as possible.

4) Not all probates have to be contentious

When you lose a loved one, it can be hard to separate your emotions from what’s required to handle their estate. But in some cases, not hiring a probate attorney can lead to court proceedings that get much more heated than necessary. When your loved one dies without leaving behind a will or other official document, you have no choice but to petition for their estate—but there are ways to do it diplomatically.

5) There is no shame in using attorneys when necessary

Losing a loved one is difficult. However, it’s even more stressful when you are forced to pay for legal fees when it could have been avoided. To prevent yourself from unnecessary stress and financial liability, don’t be afraid to hire probate attorneys if needed. There are at least five good reasons why you should do so, as described below.